The Knot that Binds

The Knot that Binds

12x 6x6.5mm Zinc Plated Slider IHD: 10x2.2mm
Unit: each

This adorable tiny knot is just amazing. “There’s is something about a bead with knot design that get my heart racing. I fell in love with this one instantly” -Janice.

Try it in your next Trail’s End or Prairie Leather Wrap. With an inner hole opening of 10x2.2mm, this Antique Silver slider will fit two of our 5mm Strap Leathers side-by-side, one 10mm flat, or even multiples of our round leather.

Made in the European Union, from zinc alloy with 99% Pure Silver Plating, it is free of lead, nickel, and cadmium. Hypoallergenic.

Sold Individually.

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