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Rectangles- Capri Blue Picasso

12x8mm Table Cut Glass IHD: 0.9mm

Unit: pkg
$3.25 USD

Made the same way for more than one hundred years, table cut glass rectangle beads are sometimes called “window cuts.” The Czech bead makers, many who work out of their homes, create colors we can only measure in “ooohs and aaaahs.” While the base glass (Transparent Capri Blue) is burning hot, bands of White glass are feathered through the beads. The Picasso edging gives each bead its own vintage frame. The results are unique and beautiful glass beads. 

Just the right size to make a pair of earrings or as focal points in your next Float Away Necklace.

With generous 0.9mm holes, you can string them on Soft Flex, C-Lon or .5mm leather.

Made in the Czech Republic. We do not recommend exposing them to fragrance, chemicals or water.  

Sold unstrung in packages of 12 beads which measure approximately 6 inches when strung