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California Poppies

Limited Edition Mix of Stone, Pearls, Seed Beads, and Glass

$56.00 USD

WOW YOU GUYS. You bought out the first batch in four minutes..and you topped yourself buying out the second batch in TWO MINUTES!!!! HOLY MOLY.
If you missed out, we are so sorry. We will always have more limited edition mixes down the line! Stay tuned to your newsletters, and check out our Blog Post and Kate's Live today, which show some ideas that you can use in place of this mix to supplement it.

A curated collection of special beads, California Poppies is Kate’s answer to our struggles right now. Fires, politics, a pandemic...noise, noise, noise! Kate wanted to bring a breath of fresh air in the way she best knows a lovely mix of very special beads.
Now, just how special are they? Well, surprise! Each mix has one fun specialty bead from Kate’s very own personal stash. So, each mix will be slightly different. Each will still be like what you see here...a blend of greens of every shade, poppy-oranges, and a hint of's bliss.
This mix is mostly semiprecious stone, with pearls, glass, and seed beads to round it out. With the California Poppy colors in mind, Kate’s going to be using this mix TODAY on Free Tip Friday to color block an epic necklace. This mix is also an excellent addition to the Gilroy Summer mix, or to supplement with items from your own stash for something truly unique.

Remember, adding to your cart and not checking out does not mean that mix is reserved for you! Someone could easily buy it out from under you. Only when your order is complete is that mix guaranteed to be yours. So if you'd like to purchase other items at the same time I would highly recommend filing your cart in advance, and get right to this California Poppies page at 9 or noon!

As with all our limited edition collections, these beads are exclusive to this mix! When we’re sold out, this mix is truly gone.
Find inspiration for this heavenly mix on Kate’s Free Tip Friday episode on 8.28.20, and be sure to see our past Curated Collection projects here. Sort your beads by color or toss them all in a bowl and string randomly!
Sold Individually.