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Dove- 5mm

5x2mm European Flat Leather

Unit: each
$7.25 USD

$8.50 USD

In the most understated gray, this sublime strap leather is our new favorite. Throw on some sliders and a magnetic clasp, like Bountiful, and you have a multi-wrap showstopper. Made in the European Union to the highest standards, it is intended to last for years. We do not recommend getting it wet or exposing it to perfumes or lotions. Treat it the way you would a fine leather handbag. See how you can use it in your next Prairie Project.

We recommend 2 meters if you’re going to make a sumptuous, multi-wrap Prairie and if you order more than 1 meter, we will always try give you one continuous piece. Sold in lengths of approximately 1 meter (38- 39-⅓ inches).