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Janice Hoffman

Project Info:

Level: Intermediate

Estimated time: 3-4 Hours

Project By: Sam Applegate
Spirit Dance by Janice Hoffman

Inspired by Folklorico, a project by Sam Applegate, Spirit Dance takes its palette and mood from the cultures and native tribes of the American Southwest. Both in natural colors and the rustic feel of silver feathers and leather, Janice has created a wrap bracelet and earrings we could easily see at an art faire. In fact, Janice has already sold the set. Great job! If you would like to see more of Janice’s work and learn about her upcoming classes in Bend, Oregon, please visit

Janice Hoffman

Little Azteca


$2.95 USD

Azteca- Silver


$3.95 USD

Black- Regular C-Lon

Regular C-Lon

$4.40 USD

Distressed Brown- 1.5mm Indian


$7.25 USD

6-528- White Ceylon 6/0

6/0 Miyuki Seed Beads

$3.65 USD

Bright Silver Jump Rings- 5mm/18g

Jump Rings

$3.95 USD

Beadsmith Knotting Tweezer


$3.95 USD

Eurotool Ultra Flush Cutter


$37.95 USD