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Estimated time: 3-5 Hours

Hide and Seek


Sample by Janice Parsons

Inspired by "Les Fantaisies de Lili" by Lise Vadeboncoeur

When the new Superduo Duets* first arrived, we wanted a sample showing off the dual-colored aspect of the beads… Look at the bead one way, and it looks blue...look at it from another angle and it looks black. Janice thought immediately of a very special Beader Showcase submission by Lise Vadeboncoeur and decided to do a Seashore Wrap inspired by Les Fantaisies. Using Black/White Blue Luster with little True 2’s in Pastel White, Janice hoped to demonstrate the effect. Using the diagonal ladder stitch gave a stark contrast to the design and enhanced the effect of how the beads change color.

Janice recommends giving yourself an afternoon to complete the bracelet. Using just two types of beads, a button, leather and Tuff Cord #1, Janice has created a design we hope you’ll enjoy making and wearing for years to come.

Please Note: We no longer carry SuperDuo Duets, but you can still create this design without the two-tone look. Check out our selection of Superduos here.

To help you complete this project:

  1. Review the Project Map below with bird’s eye view of the design.
  2. Download Seashore PDF Handout and adapt the tutorial to 1 wrap, rather than two.

Review our Skill Builders: How to Secure a Project to a Board, How to Macrame, How to Ladder, How to Add a Thread to a Laddering Project.

And download the Look Book Challenge to be inspired by gorgeous samples of Wrap Bracelets done by our customers using SuperDuos.

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2mm- Pastel White
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Metallic Pearl- 1.0mm Indian
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Metallic Pearl- 1.52mm Indian
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White - Tuff Cord
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Little Azteca
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Beadalon Collapsible Eye Needles
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GS Hypo Cement
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Xuron Thread & Cord Scissor
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Handy Tape
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Project Tray Inserts
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Deep Dish Project Tray
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Project Map

Begin by choosing your Superduo Duet bead first and accenting it with a True2 or 8/0 seed bead. Choosing a darker and or a lighter bead will help set off the Duets and the patterns they create. If both 8/0s are too “matchy-matchy” the 2-tone duets won’t be very visible. You’ll want to cut your leather to wrap your wrist 1 time. For a 7 inch wrist, the leather was cut to 20 inches.

There are more than enough materials to make multiple bracelets, if you space out your pattern and have buttons.

Superduos have their challenging moments when laddering. If you are an Intermediate Beader with laddering experience, think about doing the Infinity Ladder Stitch we have demonstrated in the Honeycomb Weave Project*. And with any two-hole bead, remember you add the new beads always from the same side! And don’t forget that the other side is for going back through the same hole. This is easy to forget!


*Hide and Seek can be done with KO or Hana thread, as seen in Honeycomb Weave. Just make sure you use the thinner thread doubled.



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