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Tiny Tassel- Gold Thread/Gold

18 x 4mm Gold Plated Brass Tassel with 1mm Loop

Unit: each
$1.95 USD

Tinier than our original 35mm tassels, these are so on-trend right now! Made from metallic gold thread embroidery silk with a gold cap, these miniature tassels melted our hearts the minute we saw them. Finally, a tassel small enough to look good on a bracelet! Care was taken in the making of each one...the cap is solid brass with electroplated gold plate (which is also nickel free). The loop will fit on most 1mm round leather if you angle cut the tip of the leather and it will accommodate up to 16 gauge wire. We don’t recommend getting them wet and use caution exposing them to lotion and fragrance. Otherwise, have fun! Imported from Korea.

Sold Individually.