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Matte African Turquoise- 8mm Coin

8mm Semi-Precious Coin Beads IHD: 0.8-1mm

Unit: strand
$9.00 USD

Surprise, surprise…African Turquoise is not actually turquoise! It’s a speckled jasper often color-treated to simulate the beautiful blue-green found in real turquoise. Considered a stone of balance and transformation (especially with its soft matte finish), African Turquoise is symbolic of the heart chakra. Hole sizes may vary but laddering with Tuff Cord #3 or Fine Weight C-Lon is a easy. Holes will fit up to 18 gauge wire and you can string on .5mm leather. Expect variations in color, pattern, and hole size, as beads are made from natural stone. Stone is mined in Africa and imported by Dakota Stones.

Sold on 8 inch strand/ approximately 25 beads.