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Rectangles- Jet Picasso

12x8mm Table Cut Glass IHD: 0.9mm

Unit: pkg
$2.75 USD

Some beads are a walk back in time, and this table-cut rectangle is one of those moments...but now is now! A few master beadmakers in the Czech Republic are still making these “window cuts” and we are so grateful. The beads are pure black with a Picasso finish embellishing the edges of each bead.

They are just the right size for a pair of earrings or as focal points in your next Float Away Necklace.

With generous 0.9mm holes, you can string them on Soft Flex, C-Lon or .5mm leather.

Made in the Czech Republic. We do not recommend exposing them to fragrance, chemicals or water. 

Sold unstrung in packages of 12 beads which measure approximately 6 inches when strung.