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8mm Rondelles- Glazed Peach

8x6mm Faceted Czech Glass Beads with IHD 1.29mm

Unit: strand
$8.50 USD

A bead that’s just right for today’s neutral palette, it’s really on point in soft, pale peach. When you look closely, you can see the coating has a distressed, almost sugar-coated look. Since this is a new coating for us, we don’t recommend getting it wet or exposed to fragrance or chemicals. Made in the Czech Republic. Will fit up to 16 gauge wire.  

Sold by the strand of 25 beads/ 4 beads to an inch.

Note: Coatings will vary in color and consistency by as much as 20% from one shipment to the next. We advise that if you want to match beads, you purchase what you need all at once.