Level: Intermediate
Estimated time: Weekend Project



by: Brittany Ketcham

Made famous by the Lucky Four Leaf Clover, the ordinary three leaf grows both wild and cultivated for food. In the garden, the clover makes itself at home and we can mistake it for one more thing to weed, but the joy of all the shades of green is hard to miss. This four-wrap bracelet project and video explore the rainbow effect of using three colors of C-Lon. Learn to add and drop new thread colors plus explore laddering and bollywood-style macramé. Polish your skills with this C-Lon Extravaganza. Please watch the video (below) before beginning the project.

Tree of Life- Brass
Butterfly Effect- Copper
Moss - Regular C-Lon
Chartreuse - Regular C-Lon
Mint - Regular C-Lon
8-4201- Duracoat Galvanized Silver 8/0
Little Shadows- Antique Brass
GS Hypo Cement
Thread Snips
Old Fashion Bees Wax
Handy Tape
Ultimate Design Board
Project Map


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