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Handy Tape

25 Feet Self-Adhesive Measuring Tape

Unit: each
$10.95 USD

Here is a best-kept secret.....Handy Tape is like having a tape measure wherever you are and in all the places you bead and need to measure. Janice ordered in this product to use on her Deep Dish Design Board for macramé because she was “just sick and tired of always looking for a tape measure.” Now she has a length of it right on her computer, several places on the shipping table where we measure cord and, of course, her design board. At ?rst we thought she might be nuts but now we all love it.The adhesive on the back will allow you to reposition it more than once, but it will also stay put. Besides measuring inches, Handy Tape shows millimeter measurements and can be loaded into a tape dispenser. The tape measures in repeating 12 inch increments.

Sold in blister pack.