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Labradorite Rondelle Bead- 7mm

7mm Micro Faceted IHD: 0.65mm

Unit: each
$1.50 USD

First found in Labrador, Newfoundland in the 18th Century, Labradorite has been treasured ever since. It is said to aid in concentration and clarity, and to remove negative energy. Each bead, with all its microscopic facets, is a small work of art.

Fortunately, the holes were drilled well and will fit 24 gauge wire, Size 4 Griffin, .014 Softflex, Micro or D C-Lon, or KO using a Flexible Eye Needle.

There are so many ways to use these rondelles in your projects. They would add sparkle to your next Poetry or easily work into a Contemporary Knotting Design.

Mined in Madagascar, hand cut in India. Please allow for variations in color, size, and shape as they are made from stone.

Sold Individually.