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Vertical Cleo 3- Antique Silver

21 x 10mm Plated Brass Metal Clasp 3 Rings IHD:1.8mm

Unit: each
$2.75 USD

We love when a classic gets a redo that fills a beader’s need. Vertical Cleo 3 in Antique Silver is a great example of that; we love Cleo with its classic loops, but by simply changing the orientation of the rings to vertical, the twist or torque in your beadwork caused by loop direction goes away. With Vertical Cleo 3, the clasp has three rings on each bar, which slide in and out securely. This clasp is sleek and narrow, so your design can be bead-focused with very little space wasted for the width of the clasp. This style would look super in a narrow Peyote Stitch or Right Angle Weave. Made in China of brass with an antique finish, it meets EU standards and is nickel-free.

Sold Individually.

Please Note: Vertical Cleo is NOT magnetic, like Cleo is. However, it does have a very nice fit that we are confident is secure.