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Peach Moonstone Pebbles

8x10mm Peach Moonstone, IHD: 0.8 - 1.1mm

Unit: strand
$8.50 USD

Moonstone naturally occurs in a broad spectrum of colors, but is most commonly associated with white, gray and peach. Its soft chatoyancy is reminscent of the moon's light. Metaphysically, Moonstone is said to increase intuition.

Project Ideas: A wonderful addition to a Patterning With Stones, or try in a Soft Flex Float!

Sizing Info: Pebbles vary in size and shape, with most measuring 8x10mm, with holes approximately 0.8 - 1.1mm

Imported from Tanzania by Dakota Stones. With natural stone supplies dwindling and supply chain issues worldwide, these stones may not be seen again--we'll do our best to get them back again when we sell out, but we cannot guarantee they will be available again! We suggest buying all you will need for a project at once.

Sold by the 15-16" strand.