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Lemon Quartz Gem Cubes

5-6mm Faceted Cubes IHD: 0.55mm

Unit: each
$3.00 USD

Bright and inviting, Lemon Quartz Gem Cubes seem ready to light the way to your next design. Each facet of each bead is hand cut in India by artisan stone cutters and they are natural, undyed gemstones.

Nicole Anderson’s 5 Stitch Ladder bracelet uses gem cubes to their fullest beauty, and they will also look great wire-wrapped to chain in Stones of Wisdom or knotted on a Float.

Gem cube holes are hand-drilled. The holes are larger on one side of the cube than the other. Sizes #2-4 Griffin will it fit and hold a knot. 24G Wire will also fit, and if you want to ladder, we recommend KO Thread and a Size 12 English Beading Needle.

Made in India. Sourcing is challenging. We always try to keep them in stock, but natural gems are limited, so we recommend you purchasing what you want when we have stock on hand. Gemstones are cut from natural stone and may vary in color, size and consistency.
Sold Individually.