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Green Iris Potato Pearls

7 x 6mm Irradiated Fresh Water Pearl, IHD: 0.4mm

Unit: Strand
$14.95 USD

Ranging in color from olive to bronze and purple, these Green Iris Pearls are simply divine. This glorious color comes from manipulating the freshwater pearls during the manufacturing and dying process, but somehow the pearl farmers have mastered it and we’re not going to complain! 

Machines have never manufactured real pearls; for centuries oysters created natural sea pearls around irritants that made their way inside the mollusk’s shell. In 1893, Kokichi Mikimoto in Japan figured out how to replicate this mystery and created the first cultured pearls. Today, freshwater pearl farms in China have mastered color and larger sizes that are sold to jewelry designers like us. Unfortunately, availability is dwindling rapidly. 

These pearls would look great in your next Ming Design or Cultured Girls. Softflex 0.14

Holes fit Size 4 Griffin, 24 gauge wire, or Micro C-lon doubled, all are great choices for stringing and wire work.

Sold by the strand (15-16 inches)/ approximately 70 beads.