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Moonstone Faceted Rondelles- 3-4mm

3.5-4mm Micro Faceted Rondelles IHD: 0.45mm

Unit: Strand
$21.50 USD

With light and longing coming from within, the Romans believed Moonstone had captured the light from the moon and froze it in rock. We can see how it has been used from ancient times to create jewelry and why it has been used as June's birthstone along with pearl. Made in India. Nature gifts us with diversity, please expect variations. Our micro-faceted gems have machine drilled holes which are consistent but are still very fine. For gem knotting, we recommend using a Size 12 Needle with Superlon D doubled. For macramé, Micro C-Lon or Tuff #1 will fit most of the stones single with the end of the thread used as a self-needle. 

Sold in 13 inch strands. Temporarily strung.