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Transitions - Antique Pewter

7x5.5mm Crimp Bead IHD: 2 x 4.3 mm

Unit: pkg
$3.50 USD

A bead that can do so much because its inner hole diameter is 4x2mm...that is huge! The flattened design is also streamlined with none of the all-round bulging a regular barrel bead has. 

Three reasons to love them in: 
~ They help hide any transitional work from one stitch to another.
~ The inner hole diameter is so generous, it easily fits two lengths of 2mm leather
~ It works like a gigantic crimp bead for crimping leather and other heavier cords. See how we used them in Tahoe

Made in California by Tierracast. They are cadmium and lead free pewter that has been plated with an antique pewter finish and then lacquered for longevity.

Sold in package of 4 beads.