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Foam Bead Mats

11x14” Velux Foam Bead Mats

Unit: pkg
$3.95 USD

Tired of having your beads roll away? Try using Bead Mats from The Beadsmith. Set up a comfortable work station on any table or tray and prevent beads from traveling. What’s really nifty about these mats is that when you pour beads onto them, most beads land with the holes up, so they’re easy to pick up with a needle. And Emily Miller, our seed bead guru, likes to use them when she travels. “They fold up with a project inside for easy transporting, they are washable, and they come in neutral colors to relieve eye strain.” Made in America of Velux (blanket material). Beads and supplies sold separately.

Sold in package of 3 mats.