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Matte Silver Crazy Lace Agate- 6mm Rounds

6mm Semi-Precious Round IHD: 0.8-1mm

Unit: strand
$6.50 USD

We are mesmerized by the swirls of charcoal blending into pools of dove did we miss this lovely Matte Silver Crazy Lace Agate when shopping for beads? Mined in Mexico from naturally-occuring Chalcedony, the stone is then matted to give it that elegant finish. How about making it the heroine in Designing a Cuff? Holes sizes may vary but two passes of Tuff Cord #3 or Fine Weight C-Lon will fit easily. 18 gauge wire and .5mm leather will also fit. Expect variations in color, size and patterns, as beads are made from natural stone. Imported by Dakota Stones.

Sold on 8 inch strand/ approximately 32 beads.