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Hi Everyone, Drea here. A question I get a lot in customer service is, "What do you do when you've hit a beading roadblock?" 

Looking at beads day in and day out, you'd think I'd be full of ideas, right? Well...sometimes I get "beader's block," too.

With our newest Look Book, Creative Journey, the Beadshop Design Team gave me some great new ideas. Danielle Wickes' take on Stone Bibs was one of those "aha!" moments for me. With just one bib, Danielle came away with several pieces of jewelry that each look great--together, or separately! Alley, too, reminded me to look at beads in a different way...using Rice beads in her latest take on the Bollywood style, Alley beaded the Rice across the top of her leather. Sometimes you need that extra push to get you using something in a new way.

Take a look through Creative Journey and all our other Look Books, too. Wander through our Archived via the Color Collection or Staff Picks...check out The Bead Table group
Happy beading!

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