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C-Lon is a wonderful cord that comes in a tremendous array of colors. It is durable, easy to work with and extremely popular. But up until now, we have never given C-Lon its very own project where it shines front and center. In the Garden, by Brittany Ketcham, is a combination of techniques Brittany has used in previous video projects, Bollywood Bracelets and Tricks to Laddering. The twist with In the Garden makes C-Lon the hero. We are asked every day by designers and customers if C-Lon can be used in place of other comes in so many colors everyone wants to use it in their wrap bracelets. Brittany decided to experiment, see how much C-Lon can do on its own and here are the results. The video is amazing and her 9 color palettes are terrific. If you follow the video and alternate C-Lon colors, you will end up with bracelets that look different from every angle! In her easy, accessible style, Brittany takes us through the entire project from set-up to finish. Enjoy!