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We love, love, love Tuff Cord distributed by Eurotool®. It's super easy to use without a needle and it is adored by wrap bracelet and macramé afficionadas worldwide. We also like that it is made in America. We keep adding more sizes to our offering as the demand keeps growing. Tuff #1 is great for laddering and is the best size for laddering Tila Beads.  It is also great for knotting fine gems and small pearls and for micro-macramé work. Tuff #2 is a bit heavier but still fits many small-holed beads, crystals and glass pearls. Both #1 and #2 will give you a very delicate knot, even using larger beads. Tuff #3 is your all-around winner for medium knots and cooperates with the holes of most semi-precious stones, tribal, glass, larger freshwater pearls, crystals and some gems. Tuff #5 and #6 are heavy enough to stand up to stringing heavy beads without knots and, of course looks great for fancy knots and macramé. All sizes of Tuff are perfect for ladder bracelets depending on the holes of your beads. Please watch one of our videos and get wrapping!