Wicked Mood


Setting the Mood Design by Brittany Ketcham
Bracelet Sample by Sam Applegate

From the moment this bracelet starts wrapping around your wrist, the mood and theme continually change to create a real work of art. Originally designed by Brittany Ketcham, Setting the Mood makes full use of Mood Beads, thermal activated beads that change color when your body heat shifts….Sam just knew Halloween was the perfect holiday to convey the magic of these beads. So, away we go with Wicked Mood! Please watch the video from start to finish. And it would be a shame if you only wore this bracelet one holiday a year… it is just divine! Britt has moved to the North Bay to explore her passions for Nature and Art. She is still very active in beading and can be reached either through her Facebook or blog. We hope you enjoy our latest update, and, as always, happy beading!

Day of the Dead- Copper
Scary Cat- Black
Distressed Gray- 1.5 Indian
Purple - Tuff Cord
Pumpkin- 0.5mm
Black- 0.5mm
6-4213- Duracoat Galvanized Dark Mauve 6/0
6-4222- Duracoat Galvanized Pewter 6/0
11-401FR Matte Black AB 11/05
Norwegian Wood
Sgt. Pepper's
Magical Mystery
Come Together
Love Me Do
GS Hypo Cement
Ultra Thread Zap
Thread Snips
Deep Dish Project Tray
Project Tray Inserts
Project Map

Please watch the video Brittany created for a class she taught on Setting the Mood. Both Brittany and Sam have 6 inch wrists, so their samples measure 33 inches from loop to button. Be sure to measure your wrist before starting. For an average 7 inch wrist, your length would be 37 inches. The best way to make sure your bracelet is fitting you properly is to try it on after you complete a section or two.

  • 1. Begin with an 80 inch piece of Distressed Gray 1.5mm leather, and find the center point. Using the instructions from the video, macramé the button loop with Purple Tuff Cord #2.  
  • 2. Fold the leather in half and slide one Come Together bead onto both sides to close the button loop. Add 3 yards of Purple Tuff Cord #2 and macramé for 6-8 stitches.  
  • 3. Using the laddering technique, graduate your beads as shown in the picture.  This sample uses 11/0 Matte Black AB seed beads, 6/0 Galvanized Mauve seed beads, 6/0 Galvanized Pewter Seed Beads, and one Love Me Do bead.  The total length of this section is 5.75 inches.
  • 4. Bring all of the threads and cords through one Norwegian Wood bead and continue laddering for 1.5 inches with the 11/0 Matte Black AB seed beads and the 6/0 Galvanized Pewter. Macramé 6 stitches to finish the ladder section.
  • 5. Start a section of herringbone stitch over the tuff cord with 1 yard of Orange .5mm Chinese Knotting Cord.  After a few stitches, cut out the tuff cord and continue to herringbone over the ends for 1 inch. Transition into laddering the 6/0 Galvanized Mauve beads with the Chinese Knotting cord for 1.75 inches, and finish with another herringbone section 1 inch long. Use GS Hypo Cement to secure the last few stitches of your herringbone to the leather before moving on.  
  • 6. Cut 1 yard of Purple Tuff Cord #2 and use it to macrame over the herringbone stitch as shown in the video. After 6 stitches, I pulled my knotting cord out and burned  it off with my Thread Zap II so it would not show in the middle of my macramé section; you can do this step every time you transition between cords! Add 12-14 of the 11/0 Matte Black AB seed beads and complete a section using the Bollywood technique 1.5 inches long.  
  • 7. Add 1 yard of Black .5mm Chinese Knotting Cord and complete a few herringbone stitches. Use the Chinese Knotting Cord to ladder 2.25 inches of 6/0 Galvanized Mauve seed beads. Herringbone for 1.25” after the ladder section, glueing the last few stitches to the leather with GS Hypo Cement.  
  • 8. Cut 1.5 yards of Tuff Cord and start another section of Bollywood macramé. Add 6 beads to this section, and then thread one Magical Mystery bead over all of your cords. Complete the macramé section with another 6 beads.
  • 9. Graduate your beads as shown using the ladder technique 3.5 inches long. When laddering with the Day of the Dead beads, make sure that the skulls are all facing the same direction. They will spin a little bit, but that is okay!
  • 10. Macramé 6-8 stitches. Add 1 Come Together bead over all of your cords, and continue to macramé. Transition into a Bollywood technique with 8-10 of the 11/0 Matte Black AB seed beads.  This entire section should be about 1.25 inches long.
  • 11. Add 1 yard of Sugar Plum .5mm Chinese Knotting cord. Herringbone stitch for 2.25 inches.  Transition to using 1 yard of .5mm Orange Chinese Knotting Cord. Use  the Orange for 1 inch.
  • 12. Transition to Herringbone stitch with 1.5 yards of Black .5mm Chinese Knotting Cord. Do the herringbone stitch for 1 inch and then start laddering the 6/0 Galvanized Mauve seed beads with the Love Me Do beads as pictured. Continue with the herringbone stitch for another 2.5 inches.  
  • 13. Cut 1 yard of Tuff Cord and start to Bollywood. As in Step 8, macrame 4-6 11/0 Matte Black AB seed beads, and then add a Come Together bead over all the cords. Repeat the Bollywood steps.
  • 14. Continue to square not macramé for 1 inch. At this point you will want to try your bracelet on to make sure it fits.  Slide the Copper Star button over the leather and macramé around the button shank.  Continue to macramé for another quarter of an inch so the button hides the stitches. Use some GS Hypo Cement on the last few stitches, and zap the rest of the tuff cord off once it dries.
  • 15. Add 1 Abbey Road Bead to each tail end of the leather and tie an overhand knot below. Put a dab of hypo cement in the knots before pulling tight. Cut off excess leather. Don’t forget to add a Spooky Cat charm to your bracelet!


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